High Speed Buffing - By Estimate 

These following services are what truly sets Doctor Detail apart!


(Includes meticulous hand wash,

clay bar treatment, machine polish and sealant wax)

This process is the only way to completely remove  severe blemishes such as brush scratches, spider webbing, severe swirl marks and paint fading (oxidation).  This process consists of heating up your paint just enough to melt the blemishes away (not just hide them with fillers/products).


Includes meticulous hand wash, clay bar treatment & sealant wax

This process removes most minor paint blemishes such as paint transfer, light oxidation and minor scratches.  This will also create much more depth, clarity and shine than the clay bar treatment and sealant/wax can alone.

Includes meticulous hand wash

The clay bar treatment  removes most types of paint contamination that becomes embedded into your paints surface due to the process of expansion and contraction. After the clay bar treatment and multiple coats of sealant/wax, your vehicle's paint will have unbelievable clarity, shine and smoothness. This process will add durable protection against fading, scratching and contamination to your vehicle's paint.

Clay Bar Treatment..."There is no substitute"

Complete Interior Detailing 

Machine Polishing 

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Clay Bar Treatment & Sealant Wax 

Correction, Protection & restoration

M.D. Master Detailer

We Make House Calls!

Meticulous cleaning of the entire interior...every nook & cranny!

Shampooing with non residue sanitizing solution and/or steam cleaning/hot water extraction of all fabric materials such as cloth seats, headliner, carpets, mats & door panels. Extreme deep cleaning & conditioning of all leather areas such as seats, arm rests, door panels etc...this will leave you leather pristine, soft & supple.  All plastic or vinyl such as cup holders, center console, map pockets, glove box, air vents will be thoroughly cleaned.  Streak free windows inside & out.

*Please have all personal belonging removed in areas you would like cleaned such as glove box, map pockets, center console & trunk.