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Doctor Detail offers a One-on-One Mentoring Program for those that are starting a business or currently working in the auto detailing industry.  With one-on-one mentoring you will learn everything you need to know about operating a successful auto detailing business.

One-on-One Mentoring Program is a weekly course in which you come alongside me during a full work week.  This is the best way to absorb as much information and learn hands-on the skills necessary to run your own detailing business.  

One-on-One also gives you the perfect opportunity to ask questions during the work week.  This is why I highly recommend this program especially for detailers new to the industry.

One-on-One Mentoring Program includes 5 days of in-depth training.  Lunch is provided each day.

Investment - $2400

Doctor Detail offers Auto Detailing Workshops 4 times per year to those that are starting a detailing business or currently working in the auto detailing industry.  Our workshops are 2-day intensive workshops that are filled with everything you need to learn and know about running a successful auto detailing business.

Day 1 -  The first half of the day you will learn how to set your detailing business apart by showing you what has worked for us.  We will go over branding, marketing, social media, pricing, operating expenses, detailing products and more.  The second half of the day you will learn how to properly perform a maintenance (mini) interior and exterior detail service.

Day 2 - You will learn everything you need to know to meticulously recondition a vehicle's interior and exterior. This includes deep cleaning of interior and machine polishing techniques for paint correction/protection.  

Each workshops includes lunch on both days and detailing products to help you get started.

Investment - $1200




After running a business for over 25 years, earning a six figure income and creating a community of loyal clients...Doctor Detail is excited to share everything we have learned over the years that led to our success.  We do this through our new intensive workshops and one-on-one mentoring.  We feel so grateful that our business has been blessed and want to share our foundational decisions with others in the detailing industry.

Let me start off by saying, I have 20 years of carwash and auto detailing experience, but like the farmers say, "it's Either Green and Growing or Ripe and Rotting".  You are either going to continue to improve, find new techniques and new products or you are going to find yourself rolling backwards.  If you are looking to start/improve your detailing business, find a successful detailer that can help you.  Robert is truly a professional!  His integrity, passion and character will be quickly noticed when he begins his training.  He helped us add a high end, appointment only department to our carwash and express detail center.  He was ahead of the times with his waterless wash process.  Soon after adopting his technique, California went into a drought in which customers didn't feel badly getting a 2 gallon of water car wash.  He gave us tools to help us with our "online presence". We have a 4.5 star Yelp page and 5 stars through Google for our detail shop using his techniques.  We have sustained a high rating with the passion Robert infused and the process he has instilled in our detailing staff....both of these are keys to success.  Introducing a process for our detailers has cut down on redo's and quality inspection time, improving customers' satisfaction and loyalty.  What you will quickly see with Robert is he has a ton of experience.  Using someone with this much experience will save you a bunch of time and money as you will learn this experience for yourself.  Whether you are a DIYer, a body shop, a car wash or a detail shop... Robert can teach you high end luxury detailing like he did with us.  He will look at your business and find ways to save you time which in turn will save you money. Robert will also help you with marketing your business and improve customer relations.  Whatever he charges you, you will make back it back quickly!  Try him out, you won't regret it!!



I've known Robert aka "Doctor Detail" for many years.  Not only is he a master at what he does, he is one of the nicest guys you will ever come across. His dedication to his trade and his customer service is over the top.  Robert is an A+ person and an A+ detailer!


Golden Gate North

Vehicle Maintenance Workshop


Robert is highly professional and shows great integrity in all he does. Robert is hard working, fun to be around and a great teacher. I have learned a lot from Robert about detailing. I worked with Robert for almost 4 years, and he is very knowledgeable in his business and a great person to learn from. If a person wants to learn about detailing, as well as to what are the best products to use I would highly recommend Robert as a teacher.

--Thomas Webster

One-on-One Mentoring


Doctor Detail offers a Vehicle Maintenance Workshop for car enthusiasts.  

Whether you have a classic car you enter in shows, a sports car you love to show off or a luxury car you want to keep looking new, this maintenance workshop is for you.

With this workshop I will teach you everything you need to know to maintain your vehicle so it's always looking fabulous while adding protection to your interior and exterior.

The Vehicle Maintenance Workshop is a one-day course with other attendees.  Includes training, time for Q & A, Maintenance Detailing Kit, and lunch.

Investment $600

Robert of Doctor Detail is a great trainer.  He was generous enough with his time and knowledge base to share with me when I decided to open my detailing business.  He offered ride alongs, tips and tricks that saved me time and energy with each detail performed.  He was a huge blessing to our business and was key to getting our business up and moving in the right direction. I strongly recommend anyone interested in the detailing industry to look into his workshops and training.  I just started my third year of my successful mobile auto detailing business in which I am grateful for Robert and the advice he offered for all areas of my business.


--Jeremy De La Torre

De La Torre Detail 

M.D. Master Detailer

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