​I love having my own business as I get to grow my business by working hard while serving my clients with excellence. It gives me great joy to know I get to meet people in the community I live through my business.  I am a people person and besides having a passion for detailing, I also have a passion for customer service!    Besides detailing I also love to teach others how to properly take care of their vehicles which is why I am starting to offer training and workshops.  Whether you are new to the detailing industry or a car enthusiast these training sessions and workshops are the best way to learn. 



Quite simply put I have been in the auto reconditioning industry for over half of my life.  One of my first jobs as a teenager was as a chrome and metal polisher.  After high school I decided to attend college for two years in which I recieved my certificate in the Auto Body & Fender Program.  After college I worked in many body shops doing auto body prep and color sanding & polishing.  After being recognized for my color, sanding & polishing skills, body shops started hiring me for their detail departments.  Working in the detail department left me no room to grow which is why I decided to start my business Doctor Detail over 25 years ago.  

Maintaining your business 


When you choose  Robert at Doctor Detail you can trust that you and your vehicle will receive the highest level of service and care!  

Robert's goal is to provide each and every client with complete satisfaction in which they are bursting with excitement when seeing their detailed vehicle.

Robert's passion for what he does shows in every aspect of his work... from serving his clients with excellence to making sure each vehicle he works on looks their best!


​​Besides being a business owner, I am also a proud family man.  I have been married to my loving wife Shelley for almost 20 years and we are blessed with our teenage twins Thomas & Katelyn.  We love being together whether it's a short drive to the coast, a trip to Disneyland or being together at church on Sundays.  Between my family and my business, I couldn't be more grateful!  I give thanks to God everyday for what He has given me which is why I always do my best to serve in both of these areas of my life!


Thank you so much for getting to know a little about me,

I look forward to meeting you and serving you with excellence!!!

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M.D. Master Detailer

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